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Rebekah Launches #ForTheMusic Campaign To Fight Sexual Abuse In Dance Music

It is time to end the code of silence and ensure dancefloors (when they come back) are safe for all.

Rebekah has launched a #ForTheMusic campaign to fight against sexual abuse in the dance music industry.

The campaign combines an open letter and a petition to try and change attitudes and behavior in the dance music business. This was spurred by the allegations of rape and sexual assault against Erick Morillo.

“After all the reports coming out from women who have been sexually assaulted in the industry at the hands of powerful men had really made me analyze the scene and how it really is fucked up. We have turned a blind eye, stayed silent and let things carry on how they have always been for far too long,” she writes on Instagram.

She wants to end the culture of silence in the business. “We all must be accountable and speak up about the abusers, allow people the benefit of the doubt when claiming abuse, as many stay silent for fear of retribution. To really look out for one another in our venues and parties.”

In her open letter she goes into more detail about the problem of sexual assault and harassment and how it goes unpunished by the industry.

“Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, unwanted attention, misogynistic and sexist obstructions are what we encounter as we try to simply do our jobs. This is the price tag we are paying for.”

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“We can no longer excuse the behavior of high profile artists because they are high profile anymore. That is corruption. Sexual harassment, assault and rape can no longer be accepted. Not in our culture, not in our places of work, not inside our venues, festivals or after parties. And if for a moment my friend you think that you are not as responsible as I or any other to combat this and protect your friends, myself, or each other, then you are definitely no friend of music.”

Then she asks everyone to sign a pledge of the following:

- Ensures artists, employees and audiences are protected against sexual harassment.

- Guarantees employees of the industry a safe workplace.

- Demands artists and performers to end the culture of silence, be allies and to speak out when they witness sexual harassment happening

- Holds clubs accountable for ensuring a safe space for performers, employees and audiences free from sexual harassment.

Sign the petition here.

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