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Album Review: Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladders

Let the world disappear for a little bit and listen to 'Silver Ladders.'
Mary Lattimore

Mary Lattimore

Los Angeles-based harpist Mary Lattimore has released her new album Silver Ladders. Produced by Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, the album is a calm reprieve from the craziness buzzing around us every second.

Recorded over nine days in Halstead’s Cornwall studio in the UK, the LP is sprawling, beautiful and lush. Her harp plays elegantly next to washed out guitars like on soaring “Sometimes He’s Inn My Dreams” that feels like the best dream you have ever had. The lengthy 11-minute “Til A Mermaid Drags You Under” is a song to get lost in so you can just curl up in a ball and forget the world exists.

This is the sort of album that slows the world down to a gentle walking pace. You won’t get bumped into by a rude New Yorker (sorry if that is me) or have some anti-masker cough on you. There is only lush green grass, a cool breeze on your face, warm water and an orange sunset on the horizon.

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Earlier this year, she released a collaborative album with Mac McCaughan AVL, but this feels more polished. Silver Ladders is the follow up to her 2018 LP Hundreds Of Days.

Listen to the blissful album below and get your copy here. There isn’t too much more to be said, so just listen to something that is quite unique. 

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