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The Good, the Bad and the Untrue Regarding CBD Products

A brief overview debunking common claims about CBD products.
Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer, for SoRSE Technology

Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer, for SoRSE Technology

If you find yourself questioning the legitimacy of CBD or cannabis products, then you aren’t alone. Separate the fact from fiction when it comes to claims companies make about their CBD, THC, and hemp-infused products with Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer, for SoRSE Technology, a CBD, hemp, and terpene water-soluble emulsion supplier for CPGs and other food, beverage, and topical manufacturers.

Most outrageous claims made by CBD companies

Any CBD company that makes any medical claims are the most outrageous ones because the FDA has not approved CBD for any medical treatment, except for the pharmaceutical drug Epidiolex; the majority of the claims out there do not match up with what the FDA approves. Last year, the FDA sent warning letters to a number of companies that made structure/function medical claims. Any company making medical claims outside of what has been approved by the FDA is being deceitful to the customer.

Challenges in Creating CBD Edibles

Because CBD is an agricultural product and a relatively new ingredient that people are using in food, tackling the commercialization and the scale-up process along with determining how to properly dose your product can be very complicated. To achieve homogeneity, shelf stability, and near perfect dosing, the production team needs to have a great deal of food science knowledge and experience. Most of the foods that we eat are water-based. CBD is oil-based, which means that it doesn’t easily mix with water. In order to make something homogenous with an oil, you need to make an emulsion out of it so that it gets dispersed evenly throughout the food or beverage. It’s important to work with a CBD emulsion company that you can trust is creating a consistent ingredient that is tested for its stability and that verifies the amount of CBD in each batch.

Why Companies Focus on Managing Product Bioavailability

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CBD is an expensive ingredient; if you are going to take the care and consideration to add it to a product, you want to make sure your customers are getting the full benefits from the product. Consumers want to be assured that the CBD products they are buying are getting into their systems and that they will feel the effects of the CBD in a timely manner. It’s important for the consumer to understand that proving bioavailability takes specialized scientific testing and experimentation. I would trust a company that has the resources and the science to do that kind of testing as opposed to a company that makes a claim without backing it up. Managing product bioavailability will create a more consistent, predictable experience for the consumer, which is what they are looking for when they purchase CBD.

How To Assess if CBD Product is “Good”

Technically the only claim a CBD company can make is how many milligrams are in the product. As a consumer, it’s very important to verify that information. In those states that allow for CBD through their recreational cannabis laws, the lab results are right there on the product label. In those states that don’t, go with a product from a company that has longevity in the market. Companies that have longevity in the market would be ones to hone in on at a dispensary, as longevity can be an indicator that the quality of their product is consistent and that they have built a solid customer base. The consumer can also ask the dispensary’s budtender their opinion on the products available as well as share information with them on the desired effect they are looking for in a product.

In addition, search for the products Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the brand’s website. If you can’t find this information on the website, then call the company and ask for a COA for that particular batch. Be prepared with the name of the product and the lot code associated with that product code, as there can be lot-to-lot variation.

Selection of CBD offerings made using East Fork Cultivar’s CBD. 

Selection of CBD offerings made using East Fork Cultivar’s CBD. 

Magnetic Magazine recommends checking out their gift guides for Mother’s and Father’s days for examples of quality CBD products.  Included in both guides are products offered via mail by East Fork Cultivars, an example of a farm that utilizes sustainable, sun-grown farming methods in order to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cultivars. 

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