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Tycho Releases 'Weather' Remix Album Featuring RAC, Com Truise, Satin Jackets, Mild Minds & Others

Tycho fires up eight remixes for his 2019 album 'Weather.'
Tycho SummerStage Central Park


Tycho has released the remixes for his 2019 album Weather. Earlier this year he released the instrumental version, Simulcast, and now we get full remix album. The Weather remixes are done by established names and newcomers like RAC, Com Truise, Satin Jackets, Mild Minds, Nitemoves and pluko.

Each of the remixes offer a little extra to what Tycho brings to the table with his records. Weather was different in that it added vocals with Saint Sinner and diverged from the trilogy of Dive, Awake and Epoch. Now there is a bit of electro-funk, smooth synth work and downtempo on the remix LP.

Remixes have been a part of the Tycho album package, notably with deluxe releases. Nitemoves, Com Truise and Christopher Willits have remixed his tracks before and they do a great job again.

Stream the full remix album below and get your copy here.

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