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Tycho Releases 'Weather' Instrumental Album 'Simulcast'

Tycho adapts 'Weather' for a full instrumental album that will please his fanbase.
Tycho Simulcast Album Cover

Tycho has released his new album Simulcast. The album is the instrumental accompaniment to his 2019, Grammy-nominated LP Weather.

For any of the curmudgeon old-school Tycho fans who were flabbergasted by vocals on the last album, this is the instrumental record that will spin on vinyl until the grooves are worn out.

You can hear the similarities to the tracks on Weather, notably the melodies that follow along with the space where Saint Sinner’s vocals would have been. However, the album isn’t a carbon copy of the instrumentals found on Weather. Subtle new drums are added, guitar and synths become more prominent and there is a greater focus on the non-vocal elements to make them stand out more. It shines a little brighter, but often still captures the melancholic vocals from Saint Sinner.

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Tycho shared a very long Instagram post, breaking down how he changed each song for Simulcast.

The album is out now and can be ordered in digital and physical formats. The mirrored tracklists for you below, but see if you can sort it yourself.

1. Weather = Weather
2. Alright = For How Long
3. Outer Sunset = Skate
4. Into The Woods = Into The Woods
5. Easy = Easy
6. PCH = Pink & Blue
7. Cypress = Japan
8. Stress = No Stress

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