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Jeff Mills Releases Debut The Paradox Album With Jean-Phi Dary 'Counter Active'

Jeff Mills & Jean-Phi Dary have shared their album under the electronic jazz project The Paradox.
Jeff Mills Jean-Phi Dary The Paradox Counter Active LP Cover Art

Jeff Mills has kicked off 2021 with a bang and another album. Two weeks ago he released a Millsart album Think Again and now he has unveiled his first album under the electronic jazz project with Jean-Phi Dary, The Paradox. Their first LP titled Counter Active is out today.

The new project was formed after they performed with the late, legendary drummer and Afrobeats pioneer Tony Allen.

The tracks were recorded in real-time and are meant to reflect “captured spontaneous actions which concede honesty and truth.”

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At six songs in total, one of them being an alternative mix to another album track, this is a breeze of a listen. It feels very organic and lively, flowing from one track to the next. There is structure, but still feels a like a live jam in a good way. Tracks like “The X Factor” really lean into the jazzy elements with oscillating, spacey keys, Wurlitzer and fast paced percussion.

“Residence” is a bit more electronic, but still remains within the overall theme of the album. “Ultraviolet” is a bit more subdued that leads into the ending, the alternative of “Residence” that stretches out the original and makes it a bit more of a calmer jam. He has long been fascinated by space and while that isn’t a direct link here like some past records, this does take jazz to that spacey sonic plane.

This is yet another quality record from Mills and adds another jazz-influenced LP to his massive discography. Get the record on the Axis Records website.

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