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EP Review: India Jordan - Watch Out!

India Jordan celebrates movement on their new five-track EP 'Watch Out!'
India Jordan

India Jordan

India Jordan has released their new EP Watch Out! on Ninja Tune. Exploring different aspects of movement, weaves her high-energy personality into this project for something that brings excitement and joy to listeners dusting the cobwebs off of their knees for a quick dance.

The EP opens with the frenetic breakbeats of “Only Said Enough,” which was created on a train to Hull. Jordan describes it as a “homage to both physical and conceptual movement.” That same sort of energy carries into the second track “Watch Out!” about cycling in London, trying to navigate the hazards of not getting hit and hitting others. The aptly “You Can't Expect The Cars To Stop If You Haven't Pressed The Button” continues on that theme of walking around London in lockdown with the sounds of traffic lights and stop signals, trying to navigate the city without getting hit by cars as life moves a million miles a second around you.

"Feierabend," which translates to “end of working day” in German is a joyous and uplifting record as it “expresses the joy you get when you finish work” according to Jordan. The EP eventually finishes with the first single we heard “And Groove,” a slightly slower, but delicious house groove.

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Jordan broke out in earnest last year with their EP For You and now has another batch out outstanding tunes to work with whenever we all can gather for gigs again. These were inspired by life under lockdown, so there was a burst of pent up energy put into these tracks. That energy may soon be expended on a dancefloor very soon, one hopes.

Pick up your copy of the EP here and listen below.

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