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Before we hit the pavement, allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Vivian Belzaguy Hunter, best known for my love of the earth, travel and electronic music, three passions I combined into a career of sustainability consulting for music festivals around the world. I’ve written for and been featured on Magnetic Magazine’s Sustainability section, something I’m super proud of and so excited has led to the development of this new series.

Luke Hunter is my best friend, favorite travel buddy, co-parent to our dog Sandy and now husband. Professionally, he wears even more hats. He is an audio engineer, music producer, DJ, TYP3 Records Label Co-Founder and Founder of Ovation One Event Productions. He’s also been writing the monthly Progressive House chart for Magnetic Magazine for over a year.

This isn't our first road trip rodeo. We took a cross-country trip in our car back in 2018 that was supposed to take 3 months and ended up lasting 8. On that trip, we hit 9 National Parks, 15 National Forests and over 20 natural conservation areas across 16 states. This time, we're on track to do even more. How you ask? Buckle your seatbelts for story time... here’s how we became next generation nomads living life on the road. 

Vivian Belzaguy Hunter, Luke Hunter & Sandy

(L to R) Vivian, Sandy & Luke


We remember March of 2020 like it was yesterday. We had been working 18-hour days for weeks by then. The pressure had been building for months. A year in the making, I was about to load-in my second edition of Ultra Music Festival’s sustainability program, while Luke was juggling production of the Winter Music Conference, planning of his Miami Music Week record label party and preparing for his next DJ set

We had semi-trucks of gear on the way. We had people about to board planes to come work with us. We were ready to pull yet another all-nighter at the office. Then suddenly... STOP. 

Stop working. Stop the trucks. Stop the running. STOP IT ALL.

The next few days felt like the twilight zone as our worlds came to a crashing halt. Full transparency, we drowned our emotions in Tiger King and beer for a time… Corona actually, to add a bit of dark humor to these unbelievably dark times.

Luke & Vivian at WMC

Working the 2019 Winter Music Conference


Eventually though, something surprising happened. A sense of relief and new opportunity arrived when we realized we had the chance to decide what our future would look like all over again.

Lock down made us crave fresh air. We remembered road trips past and all the times we dreamed of going cross-country in an RV. Could this be our shot? Could we exchange a sedentary life of monthly rent for an adventurous life on the road? We put it out there and slowly, the puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

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You see, there was one other event we had been planning for a while by then… we were supposed to get married that November. Planning for that became a roller coaster on it’s own, but we eventually decided to move forward with immediate family and 4 helpful friends only. 

Because of this, we never expected the outpour of love and gifts sent from near and far, but as the support rolled in, the stars aligned and our vision of RV life on the road started to manifest. 

Vivian & Luke Hunter Wedding

Right after tying the knot


We had been looking at RV’s online for months, mostly for fun, but nothing seemed worth it. Prices had skyrocketed as we definitely weren’t the only ones to want to make a run for the road after lock down… but when we decided this was really what we wanted to do, the most perfect RV magically fell into our lap. 

Meet Mira, a 1997 Coachmen Mirada who came mostly renovated with new floors, cute wallpaper and good vibes from the previous owners. The only missing piece at the time was figuring out how to take "remote work" next level. I was launching a new sustainability company and Luke continued his production work on virtual events, so we outfitted Mira with wifi and solar panels to take the offices on the road.

Meet Mira the RV

Us and Mira the RV


Next, it was time for the hardest part... figuring out how to downsize from a 3-bedroom house to a 30-foot RV. We sold furniture. We got a storage unit. We filled and then emptied my parent’s garage (thanks, guys)! We packed what was left, our dog, our offices and a bare essentials music studio into this baby, and then we were almost ready to rock. 

A few test runs later, we completed the last renovations, got some unexpected repairs done and now we’re finally ready… but this series won’t be about that. We might tell you about some of the work, love and challenges that went into preparations, but this won’t be your typical “do-it-yourself” RV show.

Nomad 2.0 RV Life on the Road


Nomad 2.0 will follow our journey cross-country through the U.S. National Parks, documenting our favorite spots, finds and stories of travel magic that happen along the way. As two lovers of music, nature and adventure, we’ll have some fun, take as many colorful photos and videos of the great outdoors as we can and encourage all of those who share this dream with us to do it.

We invite you to take this ride with us!

Luke & Vivian Hunter with their dog Sandy

Vivian & Luke Hunter with Sandy taking off in Mira the RV

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