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Meet The Latest Edition To The KRK CLASSIC Lineup - The CLASSIC 8

The CLASSIC 8 is a great new edition to a legendary speaker line, now you have some more options if you are looking for bigger sound.


Last summer, we got our hands on the CLASSIC 5's by KRK, a great set of studio or DJ monitors for the home studio with a more cost-conscious price tag.

We just got our hands on the companies latest drop in the KRK CLASSIC line, the CLASSIC 8. They also dropped a 7-inch model, which seems a little strange due to the very similar diameters, but now you have a choice between a 5, 7, and 8-inch model in the portfolio.



MAP on the Classic 8 comes in at $249 per speaker ($498 for the pair). So if you are looking to bring up the boom, you can do it for only $200 more. That's a lot of boom for the buck (sorry, had to).

KRK has always had a solid following in this price point and with DJs and bedroom producers looking for quality sound with excellent bass. These new models are simply an extension of this line to offer up bigger sound. You are getting the tried and true guts of KRK here with the Class A/B amplifiers and a built-in limiter to prevent blowouts when your DJ buddies get overly excited and run the mixer a bit too hot.

The enclosure is also purpose-built to keep distortion down and keep the sound balanced, but the bass does cut through on these monitors a bit, which is why we love them for DJing and producing bass-heavy stuff. Ideally, you would run these alongside some KRK V8s in your studio to be able to A/B test and run a DJ rig through - which we tried here in Magnetic studios.

Most people don't have the luxury of having A/B monitor rigs, but there is a universe in which these CLASSICs would be a good addition for that purpose.

The CLASSIC line can also up the ante with the +2 dB Bass Boost, giving you that extra thump when you really want additional bass output. The speakers by design are not overly colored, but they are not flat either, and that bass is the defining frequency in this lineup.

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The CLASSIC 8 features a 1-inch textile, soft-dome tweeter (similar to the other two models 5 & 7) with an 8-inch glass aramid woofer, giving the 8 an excellent balance between highs, mids, and lows with a tad of extra thump and quite a bit with the boost engaged.

Much like the V8s we have, the CLASSIC 8s also come with a rubber pad on the bottom to help isolate them a bit. Still, we would recommend isolators if you are using these in a studio application primarily. There is also a front-facing bass port to allow for various placement options; this seems to be more and more common with modern studio monitors due to people having smaller spaces.



The 8s come with the connectivity you would expect with XLR, 1/4-inch, and even RCA inputs, making them great for DJ controllers with soundcards. You also get some control over both the high and low frequency to give you a little more flexibility on how they sound in your studio or DJ setup.

The KRK V8 & new CLASSIC 8 in front - Magnetic Studios

The KRK V8 & new CLASSIC 8 in front - Magnetic Studios

Summary - If you are looking for a cost-efficient, well-rounded monitor that can bump, the CLASSIC 8s are a great choice. You get a lot of speaker for your hard-earned dough that can work great as a studio monitor or DJ monitor, or both. They lean on the bass-heavy side of the spectrum, so something to be aware of when buying these. It's nice to see a broader offering in the CLASSIC lineup, but we are still a little confused by the 7s.

"We are thrilled to welcome two new solutions to KRK's family of professional-grade studio monitor offerings," says Sterling Doak, Director of Marketing for Gibson. "Joining KRK's CLASSIC 5, the new CLASSIC 7 and CLASSIC 8 provide the enhanced bass response and sound that music creators around the world have trusted for years. Perfect for all genres of music, KRK CLASSIC monitors provide artists, producers, and engineers with the renowned KRK sound, without breaking the bank. Plus, with three sizes to choose from, there's now a CLASSIC monitor for everyone."

Classic 8 Features

  • 100 watt, 8" active studio monitor / Self-powered. Amps matched to drivers; no external amp hassles
  • Custom bi-amped, class A/B amplifiers / Provide high headroom and low distortion
  • Heavy-duty enclosure / Durable
  • Front-firing port / Allows placement flexibility (i.e. near walls) without interference from a rear-firing port
  • Dedicated low and high frequency level adjustment controls / Allows you to optimize the monitor's response to better match the room acoustics and the user's personal preferences
  • 8" glass aramid composite woofer / Rigid and lightweight driver for optimal sound quality
  • 1" textile soft dome tweeter / Smooth high frequency response with excellent HF extension to 34.5 kHz
  • Bass extension to 35 Hz / Excellent low frequency response for such a compact monitor
  • Universal connectivity with XLR, 1/4" TRS, and RCA inputs / Interfaces with just about any mixer and/or audio interface
  • Volume control / Allows you to fine-tune your overall monitoring level
  • System-optimized auto-limiter / Prevents unexpected peaks from damaging the speakers and provides consistency and clarity at high volumes
  • Foam isolation pads on bottom / Protects the surface the monitors are sitting on and provides isolation for improved clarity
  • 106 dB Max Peak SPL

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