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Mixcloud Now Allows Pro Subscribers To Go Live Directly From Web Browser

Still in Beta, Mixcloud Pro users can now go live directly from a browser instead of using outside software like OBS.
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Mixcloud has added a small, but very useful feature to its live streaming apparatus. Now users will be able to stream directly from their browser without using outside programs like OBS, which can be buggy, hard to figure out and crash.

Available to Mixcloud Pro subscribers, Mixcloud Studio works similar to going live. All you have to do is hit Broadcast Live from the Mixcloud home stream. Users will need to include all information before going live and there is an unlisted option to test out your stream. You can only use one camera or audio input, which cannot be changed during the live. There are some external devices, which can help with that.

Mixcloud Studio is only in Beta now and useable only on Chrome and they want feedback. Read more on the Mixcloud website.

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