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Mac Miller's 'Faces' Mixtape Will Be Released On Streaming Services & Vinyl Next Month

A new animated video for the 'Faces' track "Colors and Shapes" has been released as well.
Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Mac Miller 2014 mixtape Faces, finally will arrive on streaming services. The tape will arrive to those services on October 15. A vinyl release will also come that day as well. A music video has been released for one of the songs from Faces, “Colors and Shapes.” For those afraid it would be some weird recreation of Mac Miller, it isn’t, and is instead a colorful animated video.

“The track felt very visual to me—like it had its own world. This atmospheric nighttime place that was sometimes dangerous, sometimes comforting, then I saw a picture of Ralph and a story emerged. To build it out I asked Malcolm’s family to send me bits and pieces from his childhood, scenes from the town where he grew up, objects, toys from his room—little pieces of his life that I extrapolated outwards and used to inspire the story,” says director Sam Mason in a statement.

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“In the abstract, it’s meant to be a video about childhood—growing up as an artist and the highs and lows of that experience. It’s sort of a look at the emotional and difficult and perilous but noble path of an artist.”

Faces was originally released on Mother’s Day in 2014, following his sophomore album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. The now 25-track project comes with features from Rick Ross, Earl Sweatshirt, ScHoolboy Q, Vince Staples and others. Pre-order here.

Mac Miller’s famed K.I.D.S. mixtape was brought to streaming services last summer

Faces Tracklist:

1. Inside Outside
2. Here We Go
3. Friends (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
4. Angel Dust
5. Malibu
6. What Do You Do (feat. Sir Michael Rocks)
7. It Just Doesn't Matter
8. Therapy
9. Polo Jeans (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
10. Happy Birthday
11. Wedding
12. Funeral
13. Diablo
14. Ave Maria
15. 55
16. San Francisco
17. Colors and Shapes
18. Insomniak (feat. Rick Ross)
19. Uber (feat. Mike Jones)
20. Rain (feat. Vince Staples)
21. Apparition
22. Thumbalina
23. New Faces v2 (feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Da$h)
24. Grand Finale
25. Yeah (bonus)

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