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Event Review: Carl Cox Brought The House Down For The Brooklyn Mirage's 2021 Season Closing

Carl Cox played a 4-hour set at The Brooklyn Mirage on Saturday, October 9th as part of the extraordinarily popular venue's season closing before its events turn into indoor functions, giving us one amazing night filled with thumping house and many, energetic chants of "Oh Yes!"

We attended The Brooklyn Mirage, the massive outdoor venue in East Williamsburg a lot this year. Part of that was definitely a result of not having any life music for a year and a half, but wanting to see artists we had missed or had tours cancelled due to the pandemic. After the announcement of Carl Cox as the closing artist for the 2021 summer season, we knew we had to attend and witness house music greatness.

Carl Cox at the season closing of The Brooklyn Mirage

Carl Cox at the season closing of The Brooklyn Mirage

It was a breezy and chilly evening that made the transition from the airy outdoor venue to the indoor venues that much easier. It was nice to see people's outfits match the weather and observe how New Yorkers and other folks begin to dress in layers and show off their fashion sense.

The night begin at 10pm with Charles Meyer⁠ starting the beautiful chain reaction of dance music to come. There was a lot of room and people who came early ensured they got a few hours of crowd-free dancing in before things got really packed. Saturday night brought the largest and most crowded audience we had seen at the venue, and we're saying that after attending Chris Lake, deadmau5 and Elrow in the previous months.

Matthias Tanzmann at the season closing of The Brooklyn Mirage

Matthias Tanzmann at the season closing of The Brooklyn Mirage

Matthias Tanzmann took the stage at around 11:30pm and played until 1:30am where people were settling into their spots for the night. With drinks in hand, people laughing with their friends, and a clear energy of what was to come filled the air. The king of house music himself confidently walked onto the stage at 1:30am. This was my first time seeing Carl Cox perform and the way he transitioned so smoothly from tracks with no vocals in them to tracks dominated by powerful and rhythmic vocals was magical.

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The visual theme was simple - awesome pyrotechnics that shot out of the four pillars on the floor and the stage along with lasers, lots of lasers ensured the vibe was set for the whole night. The onscreen visuals were simple, as they typically are with a house artist, with Carl's logo occasionally saying hello and spinning across the main screen. One of our favorite things about a passionate and energetic crowd is whenever the pyro shot into the sky or lasers took over the air, the "oooos" and "aaahs" made us feel giddy with excitement that pushed our tired legs forward.

Carl Cox The Brooklyn Mirage Concert Pyro Fire

Pyrotechnics at The Brooklyn Mirage

While Carl was originally scheduled to play until 4:30am with a typical curfew of around 5am, the venue staff knew they had to go hard on this season closing so he actually ended up playing until 5:30am when the sun began to peek its warm head beyond the horizon. While the crowd had definitely thinned out by this point, we're confident those who stuck around the entire night had an experience they won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Carl Cox The Brooklyn Mirage Concert Lasers

Laser Madness at The Brooklyn Mirage

While The Brooklyn Mirage goes into hibernation for the rest of the year, the indoor venues, the Great Hall and Kings Hall are now open for business. Check out upcoming events here, as the line-up of artists for the rest of the year are ones you won't want to miss.

10/14/2021 Update: Carl Cox is coming back to Avant Gardner on March 19th! Get your tickets here.

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