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Kavinsky Releases First Song Since 2013, "Renegade" With Cautious Clay

Kavinsky gives us a taste of his new album that will arrive in early 2022.


Kavinsky is back. The French producer has released his first track since 2013 titled “Renegade.” It features Cautious Clay on vocals who takes on a different role than one might expect from the soul & R&B vocalist. “Renegade” is from his upcoming album Reborn, which will arrive in early 2022.

“Renegade” isn’t as dark or heavy on synthwave as some of his past work -- it is upbeat and even hopeful. "Renegade" has a funky undercurrent with bass, chugging drums and synth lines that are both percussive and soaring as Cautious Clay hits the high notes to capture the renegade attitude of the song.

Kavinsky produced “Renegade” at Paris’ legendary Motorbass studio in collaboration with Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé of Justice, who all wrote this with Cautious Clay. Get your copy of the song here.

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The album will be released in early 2022, but no further details are known yet.

Watch the official video while you are at it as well.

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