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RODE Introduces The VideoMic GO II and Lavalier II Microphones

Calling all content creators, RODE has just dropped a couple of new mics that will up your sound game!
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For all of you content creators out there who are looking to up your sound and don't have a huge budget, here are two new mics from RODE that will do the trick, the VideoMic Go II (Great for solo shooters) and the Lavelier II for interviews and on-camera work.

VideoMic GO II / MSRP $99

This new directional microphone is a fantastic starter mic for new content creators looking to get better sound and still be ultra-portable. The VideoMic GO II is compact, so it doesn't draw a lot of attention, is lightweight, so you can easily use it for handheld vlogging, and can also function as a desktop mic. This mic will work with cameras, mobile devices, and your good old desktop as well. If you need good sound and are not an expert, this mic is for you. No matter the application, if you are doing video that needs sound, this is about as easy as it gets.

Good sound is essential, and getting great sound takes practice, but VideoMic GO II helps you get started in the right direction, literally. This mic is directional, which means it will pick up the sound that it's being pointed at and help reduce background noise. This mic has the same technology as RODE's more expensive mic the VideoMic NTG (which we reviewed here), which is amazing at this price point.

Pro Tip: There is no substitute for a quiet environment when you are doing interviews, but if you have background noise, this mic will help reduce the rumble as long as you are close enough to your subject. You should switch to a handheld mic or a Lav in really loud environments like trade shows to get the best sound quality. We highly recommend the Wireless Go II system if you have the budget.

Included is a windshield to help you capture better sound outdoors in windy situations and a shock mount to reduce handling noise if you have to run and gun it.

Pro Tip - USE A TRIPOD when possible. Even if you have a shock mount, hand holding a camera can still result in unwanted fumbling noise.

Key Features:

  • Instantly improve the audio quality of your camera, smartphone, tablet, and computer
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Compact and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere
  • Compatible with RØDE apps accessing advanced features, powerful audio processing, and studio-quality recording on any device

Summary: The VideoMic GO II is a fantastic mic for new content creators looking to up their sound quality to the next level. It's easy to use with a simple plug-and-play functionality with nothing to mess with, not even batteries, as it runs on phantom power. The mic is easily mounted and ported, as it's only 89 grams and works both on camera and as desktop mic for zoom calls, podcast recordings, etc.

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When using it as a desktop mic, you get phantom power through USB, and you can connect it with RODES podcasting software RODE Connect to use for recording yourself or guests. Want to monitor your sound? You can use the 3.5mm output to plug in your headphones to monitor your audio. For $99, this mic is hard to beat on sound quality and versatility and is a fantastic buy for the beginner to the prosumer content creator. 

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Rode Lavalier II / MSRP $99.00

Lav mics are the perfect companion for interviews for several reasons. They are small and easy to hide, lightweight, and they pick up your subject's voice incredibly well. You can either plug a Lav right into your camera, which is not the most ideal way to do it, or use it with a system like the Wireless GO II. The new RODE Lavalier II is their evolution of a Lav mic and is excellent for audio and video content recording.

The first thing you will notice is the unique low-profile design versus your traditional round bobble. The slim profile allows you to hide the mic quite a bit easier on your subjects. The mic cable is also flat, making it easier to manage and run through clothing.

The omnidirectional polar pattern allows you to capture fantastic audio from your subjects or even yourself if you make a field recording or do a podcast. Another nice feature for experienced content creators out there is the 3.5 locking connector, which can prevent connection problems with subjects moving around a lot.

Pro Tip - if possible, do a few tests with your subject to ensure the mic is not rubbing against anything like clothing, as this can cause a very unpleasant sound with your audio. Again, we recommend using it with a Wireless GO II system when possible.

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Another nice touch is the premium accessories that accompany the Lavalier II. You get a hard carrying case, a furry windshield, a pop filter, a low profile mic clip, and color rings to keep sources easy to identify. For $99, you are getting a professional piece of kit that is great for various applications.

Key Features

  • Premium lavalier microphone for high-quality audio capture in broadcast, filmmaking and content creation applications
  • Revolutionary low-profile design and ultra-compact mounting clip
  • Discreet and easy to conceal
  • Broadcast-grade sound quality with flat frequency response and omnidirectional polar pattern
  • 3.5mm TRS locking connector
  • Premium accessory kit with pop filter, mini furry windshield, mic clip, coloured ID rings and zip case

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