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US Independent Venues Seeing No-Show Rate As High As 50% According To NIVA

The stats provided by NIVA say that some venues are seeing as much as 50% of ticket buyers not actually showing up to shows.

It may not be too big a surprise, but people aren’t showing up to gigs in the US at the same rate as they used to. According to National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), some venues are seeing a no-show rate as high as 50% at the moment. That means people bought tickets, but aren’t showing up to the gig. This is important because ticket sales cover some costs, but selling drinks, food, etc., helps pay for other key bills.

This stat was revealed during a hearing The Power, Peril, and Promise of The Creative Economy, which is available to watch on YouTube.

“Today, the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic continues,” said Reanne Presley, a representative of the NIVA as spotted by Billboard.

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“Traditionally, about 5% of ticket buyers don’t attend performances. But now, sagging consumer confidence is causing national no-show rates as high as 50%.”

This is a big increase from 2021, which also saw a high number of no-shows. A recent Wall Street Journal report found that between 17% and 20%of ticketholders did not show up to shows in 2021.

This is all understandable with the changing winds of the pandemic, which mean one could buy a ticket three months out from the concert, but two weeks before the show the situation deteriorates and folks don’t feel comfortable attending a packed, indoor venue.

Hopefully things will subside across the US and people will feel more comfortable attending gigs, soon.

To help some of these struggling venues, the NIVA relaunched its Emergency Relief Fund (ERF), which will provide financial relief to venues, promoters and festivals struggling not just with COVID, but also natural disasters and other unexpected costs.

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