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Watch: New Short Documentary About Andrew Weatherall & Mantra "Fail We May, Sail We Must" Released

On the two-year anniversary of Andrew Weatherall's death, watch a new documentary telling a story many fans may know by association, but not the full tale.
Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall

On the two-year anniversary of Andrew Weatherall’s death, a new short documentary has been release about him, his path in music and a very specific story that inspired some of his large tattoos. The title Sail We Must is inspired by that story.

It starts by looking back at a few instances of Andrew Weatherall’s push to do things different in music, including interviews with the DJ and producer. Andrew’s close friend and collaborator in A Love From Outer Space, Sean Johnston is interviewed, in addition to Irish DJ and broadcaster Cian Ó Cíobháin.

The story really gets interesting when they explore a story of Weatherall’s “fail we may, sail we must” tattoo, which is an expression that others have gotten tattooed and appears on street art.

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It came from a fisherman Gerard Sheehy, who shared the phrase with Andrew Weatherall when he was 21. Weatherall was traveling to a gig via the boat and chatted with Sheehy for a couple of hours along the way and that phrase was shared when Weatherall asked Sheehy gets how he gets on with it everyday.

And for the uninitiated, get ready for some hard accents from across the UK and Ireland.  

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