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Weedsday Playlist: PAX’s Fresh Pressed Live Rosin Presents 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this Weedsday playlist.
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PAX recently launched a fresh pressed Live Rosin product, compatible with all Era devices. Available in 11 small-batch strains, including consumer-favorites like Blue Dream and unique cultivars like Tahoe Rose, these pods are available in .5G and PAX’s new 1G, with a ceramic atomizer for increased consistency and temperature control.

And…they have great taste in music as evidenced by their recent Weedsday Playlist featuring songs by Chrome Sparks, Amaarae, Flamingosis and more!

1. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

A song inspired by the plant that brings us pure joy. Terms for this magical entity include marijuana, cannabis, bud, tree, and our personal favorite, flower. And while Chrome Sparks is musically inspired, we were inspired a little more literally by our new fresh pressed Live Rosin pods. Our mission with all of our products is to create exceptional experiences for our consumers, which means preserving the purity of the plant we love, to create a product that’s 100% cannabis, or in this case, marijuana.

2. Amaarae - Feel A Way (feat Moliy & Princess Adjua)

Our new Live Rosin Era pods make us feel a way, too, in the best way possible. Amaarae puts it perfectly with her lyrics “you better bring that dynamite, I wanna burn it up all night.” And let us tell you, our new Live Rosin PAX pods are nothing short of dynamite, jam-packed with flavor and delivering unparalleled levels of potency for a perfect night. Whether it is a tropical Pineapple Express, floral Lavender Haze, or citrusy Lemon Cake, you’re going to feel a way.

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3. FKJ feat. ((( O ))) - Vibin’ Out

This song pairs well with Indica and PAX. FKJ’s melodic beats are complemented by ((( O )))’s sultry voice to bring us much-needed relaxation after a long day. Luckily, we have a few options, including some of our favorite strains and in-house cultivars like Blueberry OG, Wifi Mints, and Tahoe Rose. We recommend kicking your feet up to get the full effect and vibe out, just how FKJ intended.

4. Flamingosis & Yung Bae - Groovin

We can’t stop groovin’ with this song is on full blast, a PAX Era in hand, and no cares in the world. Whether it’s a solo dance party or with friends, this song will make you feel upbeat, joyous, and more flowerful. The perfect song to pair with one of our classic Sativa strains—Blue Dream, Jack Herer, and Pineapple Express—for an added pick-me-up.

5. Little Dragon - “High

Little Dragon gets it. Because we all want that feeling of being “over the north star.” That's why we use natural diamonds in our Live Rosin pods, to deliver a product high in potency that’s sure to get you elevated in the right way. Yukimi Nagano’s voice is so soothing it’s impossible to not feel at peace while listening to this song. And PAX literally means peace, so this song was made for us. 

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