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Three Powerful New Creative Tools For Vloggers And Video Creators From JOBY

Joby is synonymous with mobile content creation, and their new Wavo Air Mic, Swing, and Spin will bring your content professional polish with ease.
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The Joby Swing Complete Kit

The Joby Swing Complete Kit

Joby has been stepping up their offering over the last few years, having evolved from its legendary GorillaPod flexible tripod to an entire portfolio of creative tools for content creators. The most recent additions include a grouping of new microphones and some great compact motion controllers. We got a hold of the Wavo Air wireless Mic System and the two new motion controllers, the Swing, and the Spin, to take them for a test drive.

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Wavo AIR Wireless Mic System (MSRP $249)

Over the last five years, there have been some fantastic developments in wireless microphones at the prosumer level. The Sennheiser AVX and the RODE Wireless Go 2 are two of our past favorites and kits that we have used extensively. Joby's Wavo AIR brings yet another solid prosumer-level wireless microphone kit to the market that is easy to use, captures quality sound, and offers excellent accessories for different content creators.

The VERY well equipped Joby WAVO Air wireless mic system

The VERY well equipped Joby WAVO Air wireless mic system

You have everything you need to start recording content with two mics and one receiver out of the box. This system is excellent for content creation that needs solid sound, from interviews to documentary-style content; you have plenty of flexibility with two mics. The ability to mic up an on-camera host and subject for an interview is game-changing for the individual run and gun type of content creators.

If you are a crew of one, the more seamless and functional your setup is, the better, and Wavo Air checks those boxes, allowing you to focus on the content, not the gear. The mics pair easily, last for up to six hours, have great distance (up to 100+ feet with line of sight), and can be used with smartphones and DSLR cameras.

One of our favorite features is that the audio gets mixed if you are using both your mics, creating one less step in post for creators who have to do it all - shoot, edit, post! If you want to get creative with your sound and how you shoot, there are plenty of mounting options available for vloggers, action shots, and journalists doing interviews. We even tried using a second mic to capture ambient noise while the on-camera subject was speaking, which came out cool. The microphone transmitters can be used on their own as they have an omni mic built-in, or you can also connect the included lav mics for a more stealthy look.

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Summary: If you make video content that needs excellent sound from your subjects, it's hard to beat this system. Out of the box, you are equipped with just about everything you need, from cables to mounts to windscreens. The system works for both mobile and more pro rigs like DSLRs and has enough battery power to get you through longer shoots, which is critical when you are in the middle of nowhere. We have seen no system on the market that gives you everything for this price point. We consider this to be more of a prosumer system, but in a pinch, pros could use this as a backup and deliver pretty solid results.

Additional Features

  • Ultracompact transmitter and receiver housings
  • Flexible mic options (omni mics built into transmitters and external lav mics included)
  • Operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, away from VHF/UHF wireless systems
  • 18 channels with auto-scanning for hassle-free use
  • Up to six hours of working time via internal batteries
  • Recharging or powering via USB Type-C ports
  • Onboard LEDs indicate battery, charging, and pairing status
  • Up to 164' line-of-sight wireless range
  • Supports up to five simultaneous systems (10 mics maximum) in one environment
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Swing Complete Kit (MSRP $179.95)

We've all seen those super cool time-lapses and great slow slider shots, but how do you get those results without super expensive equipment? Enter the Joby Swing! This motion control device is one of the more unique offerings on the market and takes your smartphone to new heights with smooth slider shots like the pros. The system comes with the Swing, a sweet GorillaPod 3K tripod, a BallHead to get all sorts of angles, and a phone mount. If you don't have any of these accessories, we recommend just getting the kit.

There is a bit of a learning curve here, but once you get the hang of all the functionality and experiment with some styles, you will create some stellar footage (video above is a great starting point). The Swing is specifically designed for mobile phone creators and works with Bluetooth to connect to the Joby Motion App that allows you to set up your shots, edit, and share your shots.

So how should you use this thing? We found the best use case to capture b-roll shots to cut into your content. These shots add excellent production value, are good segue ways when moving from a product shot to a person, etc. If you are doing travel videos or montages, the timelapse shots are also very cool and can add some excitement to your content.

Summary: If you are a mobile content creator or vlogger, this is a great tool to add to your arsenal if you are looking to up the production value of your shots. The Swing's compact size is terrific for on-the-go shooters and sets up quickly so you can capture professional-looking b-roll footage to liven up any content. If you are on a budget and want to elevate your shots, this device is worth its weight in platinum.


  • App-controlled electronic slider for smartphone creators
  • Included: GorillaPod 3K Stand, BallHead 1K, and phone mount
  • Able to be mounted to any full-size supports via ¼''-20
  • Fully supported by the JOBY Motion app for iOS or Android
  • Compact, lightweight, robust, and travel-friendly
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Spin Phone Mount Kit (MSRP (99.95)

The Spin is another great tool for capturing b-roll footage and functions much like the Swing but with more panning-type shot functionality. Again if you don't have a phone mount, we would recommend this kit or, in the best-case scenario, get the Swing Complete Kit and add the Spin by itself.

Just like the Swing, there is a short learning curve and some practice needed before you should start seriously shooting with it. The Spin gives you a different range of motion and can assist with panoramic stills, motion time-lapses, and our favorite use for it, fantastic b-roll. It's tiny, so it packs away nicely and comes in at a great price for shooters with limited budgets.

Summary: We would recommend getting the Spin as a second tool to use along with the Swing Complete Kit, which gives you all the movement variations you need to shoot stellar b-roll footage. If you can only afford one, then get the Swing first, dial that in, and add the Spin later after you have mastered the Swing, as they work in the same manner on the app.


  • Motion control for mobile creators. Incompatible with cameras.
  • Pairs perfectly with included GripTight™ PRO phone mount
  • Mounts to GorillaPod® or other supports via ¼''-20
  • Use the JOBY Motion app and your widest-angle smartphone camera.
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight for on-the-go creativity 

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