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The 10 Best Deep House Tracks Of May 2022

Here are the top 10 deep house tracks that we've found for you and are our quintessential prelude to summer.
10 Best Organic Deep House Tracks of May 2022

We've done all the heavy lifting for you and have the best 10 deep house releases we've found this month. 

Deep house is a sub-genre of house music that blends components of the classic Chicago house with 1980's jazz, funk, and soul music. Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) is known as the pioneer of deep house, with classics like "Mystery of Love" released in 1985 and "Can You Feel It" released in 1986.

There are four characteristics that are uniquely deep house: the four on the floor quarter note kick pattern, the beats per minute ranging from 110 to 125, the notable influence from funk, soul, and jazz, and many of the greatest deep house tracks have that punchy sound attributable to the Roland TR-909 drum (released in the 1980's).

May's list is filled with vibe-y, soulful tracks that remind us of the funk and jazz that inspired the original deep house music out of Chicago and New York.

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We actually have a track from one of the deep house legends- Kerri Chandler- and tracks from some of the other guys who have been around since the early days, like Dusky and Steve Bug. But, worry not, because we have a few absolute bangers from some artists new(er) to the scene.

This month's list the embodiment of the feeling you get on the first sunny day after a long (and dark) winter. It's the quintessential prelude to summer (and festival season).

So let's dive right into the lush, soul-funk sounds from May 2022's deep house tracks.

1. "Jazz Not Jazz" - Mellow Man [Peppermint Jam]
2. "Logical Possession" - Enrico Mantini [PURISM Wave]
3. "You & Me" - Etur Usheo [Heat Up Music]
4. "Hydra" - Martin Aquino [Bondage Music]
5. "Flo Jam" - Dusky [17 Steps]
6. "Let It Go" - Steve Bug, Cle [Nu Groove Records ]
7. "You Get Lost In It [The Warehouse Project] (Full Vocal Main Mix)" - Kerri Chandler, Lady Linn [Kaoz Theory]
8. "Fine (Ben Hixon Extended Edit)" - Rami [Dolfin Records]
9. Thick of It (Extended Mix) - Clover Ray, Sam Dexter, Mallin - Hungarian Hot Wax
10. "Shake That Thang" - Alan Fitzpatrick ft. DJ Deeon [Shall Not Fade]

Listen to May's deep house chart uninterrupted using one of the playlists below:

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