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Elden Ring Desktop Wallpapers: 500+ Free HD Downloads

Nothing is cooler than finding an amazing Elden Ring wallpaper for your desktop and we compiled the ultimate list of over 500 free ones for you.
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If you're playing Elden Ring for hours on end, and we all know that we are, having an awesome background is the best way to keep things interesting (even when you're not playing).

And with a game with as much depth and nuance as Elden Ring, every person is sure to discover their own unique moments, shots, and memories within the game that they want to capture forever in their desktop. 

But when you try a simple screenshot to use as your desktop image, it never comes out as perfect as you imagine. 

So we did the heavy-lifting for you, and dug around the internet to find the absolute coolest, most badass, and most unique images that work perfectly for your desktop.

So let's dive in...

The Best Elden Ring Wallpapers (210+ Elden Ring Wallpapers)

It's easy to find the generic stock images from Elden Ring's prerelease. What becomes harder is finding truly unique artwork that is inspired by the game we love. 

This is where AlphaCoders shines, offering a ton of free art-deco inspired wallpapers for you to access that many other website don't have. 

Here are our top three wallpapers you can find on AlphaCoders (click the image to download them for yourself)


Reddit (66+ Elden Ring Wallpapers)

The wonder of crowd sourcing wallpapers from the entire Reddit community can lead to some truly sought-after wallpapers for your desktop. But there are also a TON of terrible ones you wouldn't touch with a Vulgar Militia Shotel.

So we compiled a short list of the best Reddit wallpaper threads so you can access the best ones instantly.

Read our Best Eldren Ring Reddit Threads Here

Shoutout to Reddit user @FluentInSarcasm for our favorite batch of Elden Ring Wallpapers, who put together a unique selection of environmental screenshots you can use for your wallpapers. 

Here are our favorite ones. Make sure to check out his Imgur account for the full list. 

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Here are a few more honorable mention Reddit Threads:

Wall Paper Den (200+ Elden Ring Wallpapers)

While it can be easy to find many of the wallpapers offered on, rest assured that they offer the best ones.

The hi-def images and interesting overlays make this site's offerings predictable but effective; giving you the images you wanted but in a way that's better than you expected. 

Here are our favorite ones. Make sure to check out WallPaperDen to see their full list


Elden Ring Desktop Wallpaper Size

When you're looking for the best Elden Ring images to use as your desktop image, size DOES matter. 

Because the last thing you want is for the compelling image you are after to become pulled, stretched, and pixilated on your desktop.

Another common issue to to find an image you LOVE, only to find that the image crops strangely and leaves your favorite portions of the image on the cutting room floor as your computer forces the images into the dimensions it wants. 

Here are some general rules of thumb for standard wallpaper sizes 

1920x1080 resolution is a most common choice for selecting computer wallpaper as it is found in both computer monitors and HDTV monitor sets. 

How To Make Your Own Elden Ring Desktop Wallpaper

If, even after searching through all of the quality options outlined in the article above, you are still looking for that exact custom frame that catches your fancy in Elden Ring, creating your own is likely the next best option.

There are a million different ways in which you can create your own custom desktop wallpapers, for Elden Ring or whatever the next cultural phenomenon in gaming is.

But if you've read this far in the article, you likely know exactly what you're looking for and just want to see it done. 

So let's leave it to the experts and let our friends at TechBlock shoe you how it's done.

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