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The 7 Best Free Diva Presets For Music Production

We dug DEEP across the internet to find you the best, most powerful presets for U-He's Diva and they're all completely free.
U-He's Diva 

U-He's Diva 

When it comes to replicating the warm, and full-bodied sound of expensive analog hardware synths completely in the box, u-He's Diva synth is the industry standard. 

u-He's Diva was released back in 2011 and completely changed the game in terms of what was possible in the software world of analog emulation. It looked cool, it sounded fantastic, and everything in the production world was using it to achieve a sound that was previously only thought to be obtainable through expensive hardware hear. 

Flash forward to today and people are still using it. 


Because Diva offers some of the best sounding preset banks available. On top of that, the sound-banks and preset libraries are also incredibly easy to share. 


So while the trends and sounds of the genres being produced by Diva may have shifted since it was released over a decade ago, the synth that makes them has remained the same. 

In this article, we've dug deep into the depths of the internet to find the absolute best Diva preset banks that you can grab completely for free so that you can start getting the most out of this powerful synth without having to spend a dime. 

The Best Free Diva Sound Banks

uhe diva 1
uh diva 2
u he diva 4
uhe 3
uhe diva 5

How To Use U-He Diva

I won't sugar coat it, Diva has a bit of a learning curve to it if you want to be able to get the most out of the synth. 

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And while many of the sound designers mentioned in the list about have spent years in the synth, learning every single thing possible there is to know, you can get a fair amount of utility out of the synth just by learning it's basic. 

Bound To Divide did one of the most comprehensive breakdowns of the synth we could have ever asked for. So check out his tutorial below! 

Are Diva Presets Royalty Free?

The majority of the time, sounds that come in sound banks are completely royalty free (it would be almost impossible to track and copyright anyways).

So you breath easy knowing that you can freely use all of these sounds, and pretty much any Diva synth sample that you legally get your hands on, with impunity. 

How To Install Diva Presets

By now you probably have a TON of U-He Diva presets that you are excited to start using in your next track and you may be wondering "How the hell do I install these sounds?!"

While installing presets and sound-banks into Diva is fairly easy, it can be frustrating if you don't know exactly where all the files are. 

Out friends over at Audiotent did a fantastic job breaking down all the proper steps you need to take to instal any Diva plugin. 

So I'll let Audiotent take it away...

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