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Artists Who Sound Like: Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff is a key tastemaker in the world of melodic house music and here are 13 artists he'd likely support in his Anjunadeep sets.
Jody Wisternoff

Jody Wisternoff is a kingpin of the melodic house genre, pioneering the sound through its many iterations over the past two decades, being a leading face in the scene as the sound has gone from dark and clubby sounds of the 90's to the softer and more melodic-driven sounds of the early 2020's. 

Before we dive in, save Artists Who Sound Like Lane 8 for more recommendations!

Now let's dive into our short list of recommendations for artists who fall into the niche that Jody has carved our in the scene... 

Here Are 13 Melodic House Producers Like Jody Wisternoff

sebastian davidson press shot
David Hohme Press Shot
Sultan + Shepard
Eelke Kleijn
James grant
C/O Artist
ATTLAS Press Shot
Nuage Press Shots
dustin nantais

Who Is Jody Wisternoff? 

Jody Wisternoff is one of the head curators at Anjunadeep, alongside James Grant. But his career started long before his debut release on the critically acclaimed imprint in 2012...

He found his start in the Bristol scene in the late 1980's. From there, his career caught flame when he met Nick Warren on a random encounter in the Bristol record shop, which lead to the formation of his progressive house duo Way Out West (whose tracks have made it on to more than one of Magnetic's Progressive House Charts).

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Since then he has touring extensively under his own name and under the Anjunadeep umbrella.

How Is Jody Wisternoff Live?

Jody Wisternoff is one of the powerhouse players on the Anjunadeep roster, and he earned that spot by truly being a DJ's-DJ.

What's that mean exactly?

It means that Jody is a master at his craft, full stop. 

And while seeing him at massive Anjunadeep blowout events, like Above & Beyond Group Therapy at the Drumshed (linked below), the real magic of Jody's prowess comes to light during the more intimate sets that he plays.

If you can find a 200-cap club with nothing but a few strobe lights you will be seeing Jody reveals his true power level. 

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