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Weed Shakes: What Are They and What Causes Them?

Ever get an involuntary twitch while smoking? This is the weed shakes; a series of shakes and tremors caused when you get a bit too stoned. Let's dive in further...
Weed Shakes

Story time from the last time I smoked a bong, and the first time I got the weed shakes...

After consuming too much marijuana out of a friend's three-foot bong, my body started to shiver as if suffering from hypothermia. As most mental spirals go, I assumed the 'shaking uncontrollably' would last for the rest of my life, but luckily it didn't last long at all.

Weed shakes, or simply the 'shakes,' can put a serious damper on your evening, inducing paranoia or anxiety and more.

So learn from my mistakes and avoid another THC-induced hypothermia through this guide, where we break down everything you've ever wondered (or were too scared to ask) about weed shakes.

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What Are Weed Shakes?

Weed Shakes

Muscle spams and light tremors can occur when an individual consumers large amounts of marijuana. While these shakes and spasms may cause anxiety and paranoia while in the throws of the tremors, cannabis shakes are commonly not seen as dangerous.

They are essentially an over-stimulation or hyper-nervousness of the nervous system caused by too much use of marijuana. There is no need to raise an alarm around this, as the effects of the THC will fade in time.

While no official scientific studies have been conducted around weed shakes, there are hundreds of stories from people who use marijuana that have reported the effects of weed shakes and have all reported that the effects are harmless.

How Long Do The Shakes Last?


The shakes and tremors that are side effects of cannabis, luckily, don't tend to last for very long.

If you are experiencing the effects of too much THC, know that they will typically fade within 20 to 30 minutes if you are smoking flower and up to an hour if you have eaten edibles.

If you are symptoms appear to be even more startling, alarming symptoms though, or if they persist for a few hours, it may be best to check with your doctors as there may be underlying health conditions that are causing your body to interact with specific strains or stimulants. If this is the case, simply switching strains or altering your preferred method of smoking may be all that is required to reduce your trembling or shaking.

What Do I Do If I Get The Cannabis Shakes?


There are many different methods to reduce the symptoms of consuming too much THC-rich substances. Here is a short list of what are our recommended ways to remedy muscle twitches and tremors.

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Turn On Soothing Music

Distract yourself with a simple change in playlist, as music often plays a pivotal role in our emotional state.

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Taking deep breaths alongside chill music can help distract you from the psychoactive effect the THC is having on your nervous system and is likely to induce a state of tranquility.

Plus we all know how much of an enjoyable experience listening to music is while smoking!

Lower Your Body Temperature

Finding a way to lower your body temperature can reduce the effects of an increased heart rate that may be contributing to your tremors.

Sitting outside, taking a cold shower, or standing in the walk-in fridge during your shift at the restaurant (you wild thing) can help reduce your basal body temperature. This may help reduce the amplified stress and perceived stressors you're feeling encumbered by.

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Lay Off The Coffee

It is a common practice to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cigarette after smoking, but the stimulants therein only seek to amplify all of the symptoms that are causing shakes. Avoid these types of stimulants and you will have a happy, health, stoney nervous system.

Smoke More (...Of The Right Stuff)

Maybe this sounds counter intuitive, but it's possible to use CBD to reduce the effects smoking cannabis too much.

CBD can help to reduce the intensity of the effects caused by THC and prevent anxiety-induced shaking when you are already high. A strain with a higher ratio of CBD to THC will be less likely to cause anxiety-related muscle tremors and produce a more enjoyable experience.

Shake Weed vs. Weed Shakes

While the two phrases may sound quite similar, they couldn't be more different.

Shake Weed simply is the words used to describe the stems, trimmings, and other bits of weed that fall off of the buds and are collected at the bottom of your storage container.

Shake weed is amazing to smoke too! As long as it hasn't gotten moldy.

For those of you still worried about getting weed shakes, which you're reading this article so I would imagine that you are, shake weed may actually be your preferred style of smoking.


Because shake weed certainly will get you high, but at a lot slower rate than conventional flower. This means that you have much more control over the buzz that you get and won't get caught off guard by the shakes brought on by your "overdose"

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