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How It Was Made: Booka Shade, bailey 'Fire & Rain' (Durante Remix)

Anjunadeep's Durante takes over remix duties for Booka Shade's 'Fire & Rain' and we learned how it all came together in this week's How It Was Made
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Durante is on a fast track to becoming a house hold name in the melodic house and progressive scene. 

Already racking up releases on labels such as Armada, Anjunadeep, and Last night On Earth, his production chops and skills behind the decks have awarded him collaborations with the likes of Diplo and Amtrac. 

The latest of these releases and collaborations sees the producer head over to Blaufield Music to remix Booka Shade’s latest single ‘Fire & Rain’ alongside vocalist Bailey. 

We had a chance to catch up with Durante and dive a bit deeper into the production in the latest installment of How It Was Made.

Drums - Loopcloud

durante uses loopcloud for the drums on

I started this particular remix with the drums and built up from there. I found a bunch of loops on Loopcloud, and from there I picked the best parts of each loop to get the groove rolling. The best part is that the software will auto pitch the key of the sample to the key of the track. 

There's usually some fine tuning that needs to be done afterwards, but having your drum samples in key is such an important part of getting a professional sound in your drums. 

Tuning drums after you get a groove going can be a pain if you've got 10-20 different percussion tracks, so I'll almost always tune as I go now.

Try Loopcloud today for free right here.

Synths: Moog Grandmother

The Moog Grandmother is Durante's secret weapon for leads

The Moog Grandmother is Durante's secret weapon for leads

I dragged in the vocals and found the key, and then started messing around with different ideas. I was on the road while starting work on this remix, so most of the ideas began with soft synths. 

Once I landed on some Underworld inspired synth sounds, I knew I wanted the remix to have this classic 90s prog house feel. The soft synths I tried didn’t quite do the sound justice, so when I got home I tried to use my newly acquired Super 6. 

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The lead sound didn’t quite have the same sort of classic sound I was looking for. 

Eventually I turned to my Moog Grandmother and the lead came out perfectly. I turned the resonance up on the filter, and set the filter amount to be modulated by the velocity. I then used midi information sent from Ableton to find the right velocity for each resonant harmonic. 

From there I created the melody with the midi roll in Ableton. Slight bit of distortion and reverb on the end and voila!

Bassline: Arturia Mini V

Arturia's Mini v offers analog warmth all in the box

Arturia's Mini v offers analog warmth all in the box

I used the Mini-V by Arturia for the bassline. The control is just so easy, and a simple saw running into the low pass always hits. 

It didn’t need much more work from there! I use this synth for a lot of basslines in my tracks, especially before I started working with analog synths. The release/decay has a really nice feeling on the low end. When sidechaining the bass to the kick, I'll almost always use the glue compressor in Ableton, I feel like it helps the groove in a smooth way. 

Sometimes too much precision with the sidechain using an LFO tools kills the feeling. Also, if I ever need a pure sine wave sub bass I use the Grandmother, but I’ll low pass a saw wave instead. I always feel it has a much better tone in the final mix.

Chords: UDO Super 6

The Super 6 synth offers panning options for truly unique results

The Super 6 synth offers panning options for truly unique results

By the time I busted out the Super 6 the remix was mostly done. I was noodling with some different chord ideas, and the magic of the take I ended up adding was just too good. I went back and forth on whether to keep the chords or not, but after road testing, it was obvious the chords needed to stay. 

The Super 6 is really special because it takes every note played, doubles the oscillator, and pans one to the left and one to the right. The resulting sound is extremely lush. I did some chopping and reversing so that they didn’t sound too repetitive in the phrase.

Distortion/Effects: MXR Distortion+ Pedal

Guitar pedals offer a tasteful fuzz that few plugins can replicate. 

Guitar pedals offer a tasteful fuzz that few plugins can replicate. 

I recorded the vocals through this and dry wet them with the original to get some more grit. I love using distortion on vocals, makes them feel so nice and warm. 

I also recorded some of the build effects through this as well, I use this pedal a lot! It gives the perfect amount of distortion without going over the top. Another very similar distortion which I use all the time is the Pedal plug in from Ableton. 

It has similar characteristics and I use it everywhere. Subtle parallel distortion is one technique that made my mixes really pop.

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