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Melodic Rap: Ten Rappers Who Are Crushing This Sub-Genre Of Hip Hop

Melodic rap is a sub-genre of hiphop that has been championed by mega-star artists such as Post Malone and Drake, and here are ten more artists who are slaying the scene.
melodic rapper performs in front of a crowd

Rap and hip hop have gone through many iterations over the years, and whether or not you're a fan of the new sub-genres of the art form it's undeniable that melodic rap is here to stay.

Melodic rap has slowly burned its way into the limelight and now is one of the most popular sub genres out there. Artists like Post Malone, Drake, and Future are all taking elements of the style and incorporating them into their productions and flow. 

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We dug around the internet and found some of our favorite rappers of various sizes who are crushing the melodic rap and melodic hiphop games. 

10 Artists Who Sing And Rap

What Is Melodic Rap?

Melodic rap is a mixture of singing and rapping in which the artist's vocal flow sounds more like they are being  sung than it does being spoken or rapped. A cut does not have to be exclusively singing or melodic rap to be considered for the genre, and most artists rely on a blend on conventional flow and melodic rap throughout their verses. 

In the hit track 'Where Is The Love' by The Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am delivers a masterclass in melodic rap all throughout the verses of the song. 

Lyrical vs Hype vs Melodic Rap

From the outside looking in, it can be hard to distinguish the nuances that differentiate the sub-genres of lyrical rap, hype rap and melodic rap. But when you take a bird's eye view of the genres as a whole, you can see distinct differences that make defining the genres a bit easier.

Our homies over at Intensify Charts put together a useful compilation that compares the heavy hitters of each genre so that you can make the comparisons for yourself. 

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