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Outriders: Worldslayer DLC Review

A true blue expansion for fans of the base game, we return back to Outriders: Worldslayer DLC and review what you might have missed if you've been away from the game.
Outriders offers a rich world of lore and mysteries

Outriders offers a rich world of lore and mysteries

Returning to the world of Outriders is a bittersweet feeling. 

After playing Outriders for the first time during its release early last year, it was obvious that this would be a short and sweet experience based on my introduction to the game's story and its combat style. After sinking multiple hours into its combat system and multiplayer I was pretty surprised to have found a third-person shooter with such addicting features and fun combat. 

Though the combat system is full of fun moves and intuitive combos perfect for mindless debauchery and late-night multiplayer runs, where this game really falls flat is its story.  

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The "Apocalypse Now" Esq story was tough to latch on to mainly due to the lack of character development and the overwhelming amount of information they attempt to feed you in a 15-minute intro sequence that was forgettable the second you get into any combat. 

Getting Back Into Outriders

With all that being said getting back into the swing of things for the new Worldslayer DLC was a very smooth experience. When starting out you can choose to continue with your old character or start a new one at level 30 which I thought was an amazing way to get people to buy into this new expansion. 

Starting with a new character that was already prepared for the waves of new enemies really made it possible to re-immerse myself in the gameplay and not feel overwhelmed with re-learning combat mechanics. 

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Outriders: Worldslayer DLC Review

Outriders DLC brings new threats and bigger baddies to take down 

New Additions In Getting Back Into Outriders: Worldslayer DLC

This new expansion featured a major addition to the storyline of the game, expanding upon the main characters a bit as well as introducing new enemies and scenarios for the player to navigate. Unfortunately, this really felt unneeded even though the story is supposed to be a major part of this game. 

I wanted to give the story another shot after betting the main game and being very underwhelmed with it, but yet again I found myself skipping cutscenes due to their drawn-out and unexciting setups. 

Outriders: Worldslayer DLC Review

Outriders is a combat-forward, face-paced action game

Combat Updates In Outriders: Worldslayer DLC

Where this DLC really picked up was with the combat once again. This fast-paced 3rd person shooter is overstimulating in the best ways and is a prime visual accompaniment for a solid soundtrack of bass music.

The new weapons and armor that came with Worldslayer provided a great extension to character building and made combat unique and enjoyable a second time around. This really saves the game in my eyes because despite my uninterested in the expanded story the combat alone landed me another 8 hours of gameplay to Outriders and that is what we like to see. 

The endgame boss fights were some of the best in the entire game and for that, I look at this expansion as well worth the cost.

Final Verdict of Outriders: Worldslayer

The final verdict for this game comes down to the basics. 

It was a great continuation of what makes this game good but does not fix anything that people didn't like about it before. It is a true blue continuation of great combat and a holo storyline and for that reason, it's hard to say it's great but it is very good if you already liked this game. 

The boss battles alone make it worth the return to Enoch, and the new content is just enough to make the DLC worth it for fans of the series.

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