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Datsik No Longer In Ephwurd as Rape Allegations Fallout Continues

Bais Haus will carry on Ephwurd without Datsik.


In what may be the final domino to fall in Datsik’s career following disturbing rape and sexual assault allegations, he has been ousted from his duo with Bais Haus, Ephwurd. In a statement posted online, Ephwurd wrote, “Due to recent events, it has been decided that Ephwurd will now operate without Datsik. I do not condone any of the behavior mentioned on the internet over the past 48 hours.”

Datsik has already had everyone around him leave. Within the past 48 hours he lost his booking agency, management and publicists, who left the artist before being able to give an official comment (I tried). He has canceled all his upcoming tour dates and even was ousted from the label he started in 2012, Firepower Records.

Several women have accused Datsik of rape, assault or making repeated unwanted sexual advances backstage at shows, in homes or on his tour bus. Often, alleged predatory advances were done in an environment intensified by drugs and alcohol, which was given or forced on the women. This led to them being so intoxicated they had no chance of being able to consent to sexual activity.

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Ephwurd was likely the last piece for Datsik. However, it is hard to imagine that if Datsik was this predatory, that he would have stopped his behavior on tour as Ephwurd. Bais Haus was also involved with Datsik's solo tours, so there are some answers needed there. We hopefully will find out more from his tour managers and Bais Haus himself about what was happening over the past several years. 

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