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Things are coming along slowly but surely with the new studio build and in this installment, our designer Farrell North dives into the techniques he's used to help soundproof the room. Achieving complete sound isolation on our budget was not going to happen but with some ingenious tricks and some old fashioned insulation, we were able to significantly reduce the noise coming from the room when the monitors were cranked. 

The Insulation Trick:

Insulation in the ceiling and front wall was key to our success. Since these were essentially empty cavities behind the drywall that was already there we had to figure out an inexpensive solution to stop the sound. 

Rock Wool Insulation - This stuff works great and is very inexpensive, we used this to fill in the new wall that was built to create the barrier and the side and back walls by our window. The effect was immediate. 

Cellulose Insulation - This type of insulations was a little more expensive because we had to hire a professional to come in and blow the material into the hollow spots. The insulation itself has a fire retardant chemical and sort of resembles down feathers, but smaller particles. (Image Below)

Cellulose insulation ports, this was sprayed into the ceiling to further isolate the sound.

Cellulose insulation ports, this was sprayed into the ceiling to further isolate the sound.

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Measuring The Sound:

If you don't have a ton of cash to spend, the guys at have some free software that will help you get some very accurate sound measurements in your room. In the video below you can get a quick glimpse on how it works and what type of gear you will need to make it work. The Radio Shack Sound Level Meter can be found on eBay or there are other more current models out there - Amazon has a ton of them for a very reasonable price starting at $25 and going up from there. Check them out here.

Tune in to the next episode as we begin building out the custom desks, install the lighting rigs, and begin to pull the room together before the final tuning phase.

Special thanks to our partners that joined us on this journey and helped to make this studio top notch and to Farrell North our incredible and very patient studio designer.

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