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After getting the lighting dialed in and a basic understanding of how all the hard surfaces were behaving, it was time to start moving in the Primacoustic London 16 panels. This package is one of the most cost-effective and high performing on the market giving us the perfect amount of coverage for this size of the room.

It took roughly 3 to 4 days to get everything installed, which included a total of 39 panels to get the room exactly where we wanted it to be, with a sweet spot about 15 inches from the edge of the desk. 

Watch below as Farrell North takes you through the first parts of the tuning process and eventually how we achieved the perfect sonic quality in the studio.


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Special thanks to our partners that joined us on this journey and helped to make this studio top notch and to Farrell North our incredible and very patient studio designer.

Universal Audio | Fluid Audio | Rode | Primacoustic

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