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Farrell North dials in the lighting in the studio

Farrell North dials in the lighting in the studio

After a month or so of work the room has finally been finished up complete with sound isolation, new flooring, a solid core door and track lighting. After searching domestically for barn door style LED lights we ended using and getting the lights at a substantial discount from about $40 domestically per unit to $8 per unit factory direct. 

The lesson here is that it pays, a lot in this case, to do your research and shop around a bit. Whether it's finding used or upcycled materials or heading directly to the factory, there is always a way to save a little money. 

In the video below you can see that we initially had the idea of installing some colored LEDs at the front of the room to create some atmosphere. After a couple of attempts to make it work we scrapped it due to the splotchy effect it created. 

With the room now fully lit and isolated, it was time to start measuring the sound and begin to plot the best points for our London 16 panels. We opted to not put a lav microphone on our host/designer Farrell North so you can hear the echo in the room and how severe it was prior to tuning.

Pro Tip: If you are looking to save time in the tuning process it's essential to measure the sound levels your empty room, and go step by step from there. This will take out your guess work and achieve the results you want faster. 

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Special thanks to our partners that joined us on this journey and helped to make this studio top notch and to Farrell North our incredible and very patient studio designer.

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