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Eric Prydz Caps Off Summer With Mammoth 13-Track 'Pryda 15 Vol III' EP

At over 100 minutes, this one should be an album, but that is how Pryda rolls.
Eric Prydz Press Shot

Only Eric Prydz could release a 13 track EP that is 101 minutes and it still feels like there is more to come. While many artists are trying to release four to seven track albums, Pryda has so much good music to release, he can put out 13 track EPs and still have plenty left over. Earlier this year he promised three new Pryda EPs to celebrate 15 years of the label. Pryda Vol I & II came swiftly over the summer, but there was a delay in III with his touring and the need to polish off a few numbers. Given that the project is 13 tracks, it was worth the wait with 27 songs released over these three EPs.

The EP starts out with the absolutely mammoth “Terminal 5,” named after the New York venue where it was played during a three-night stint in 2016 for EPIC 4.0. The song is massive with some sonic sorcery on the snare at 3:45 and again at 6:15 that feels like it could be the Pryda snare 2.0. “Big Boss” slows things down back into familiar Pryda territory so you take a take a breath from the opening salvo.

The EP then starts to find its rhythm with the fun and groovy “Igen” and then the festival sized “Tromb” with a deep and addictive melody. Things get a little slower with the glittering synths on “Equinox” before we go back in time with the soaring strings on “The Beginning.” “Bus 605” brings together a fluttering melody and chugging bass, while “The Escort” blends together his own melodic production with effects that could be found on late 2000’s deadmau5.

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The project really settles into its slow evolving melodies with tracks like “Evolution” that sounds like the clouds breaking after a long rainstorm with the sun streaming down. The EP starts to wind down and become a little moodier with “Project Prayer” and then the epic and emotional finale “Exchange Finale,” taken from a set at Exchange in LA and has been a critical part of his sets since.

With 13 songs and 101 minutes of music, there is so much that has been given to his fans in this one project. While it feels like a massive amount of music was released over the past few months, we know that there is still so much more he is making and can bring out at a show at any time. That is the beauty of these EPs. They create new sonic worlds for fans to explore, but also are just the tip of the iceberg with his music.

In other news from the Prydz world, he is bringing back EPIC Radio on Apple Music for a third season this month. The first bi-weekly episode will air Friday, October 11th at 3pm LA/6pmNY/11pm LDN. Listen to the shows here.

Stream the full EP below and get your copy here.

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