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Bandcamp Waiving Revenue Fee For First Friday Of Next Three Months

It is time to buy big on Bandcamp to support artists struggling due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Cosmos Records Vinyl Store

Bandcamp has been reading the room, the tealeaves, their balance sheet and most importantly the reaction online by artists and fans to their fee waiving days. The company has announced that they are waiving their fee taken from sales for the first Fridays of the next three months as artists look to raise some much needed money during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Bandcamp started this in March and over 800,000 items were sold, raising over 4.3 million for artists and labels. Bandcamp normally takes 15% revenue share for digital sales and 10% for merch sales.

Bandcamp had already announced that it would waive its share this Friday, May 1, but now there will be two added days for buying bonanzas. The days to buy big on Bandcamp are now: May 1, June 5, and July 3. The fundraising hours are midnight to midnight PST each day.

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