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EP Review: Disclosure - Never Enough

Disclosure take five club-ready records released this week and put it into a new EP.

Disclosure have put a bow on their week of singles with the release of “Never Enough.” They have collated the five songs they released this week into the Never Enough EP.

For those who have been following the EP rollout all week, this will be a nice way to put the whole project together. For those who maybe missed a few or the whole thing, this is a new Disclosure project to dive into. It was created with dancing and clubs in mind, explains the duo.

“The spark that ignited the creation of this body of work came from a place of wanting to revitalize a very fractured & uncertain dance music scene & club culture that has changed so much all over the world for obvious reasons in the last 18 months,” explains Guy Howard in a statement. 

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“While piecing together initial ideas during the spring of 2021, hope began to glimmer on the horizon for producers & DJ’s that we may soon be able to gather together again, dancing & listening to music as one, participating in something larger than ourselves. So we asked each other… what would we want to hear in those moments? What does that first moment back in a club sound like? What does walking into Shangri-la, Glasto at 2am feel like again?”

They channel that into the five songs in slightly different ways from the bouncing “Seduction” with almost wet synths, rolling proggy synths on "Happening” in between exaltations of joy that are quite common throughout the project including the fast-moving opener “Never Enough.” These all have nice pacing with a blend of house and garage to keep things moving along in a set.

If this format of a release feels familiar, they did similar projects with the Moonlight EP in 2018 and the Ecstasy EP in 2020.

Listen to the full Never Enough EP now and grab your copy here.

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