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Disclosure Mixing Next Edition Of DJ-Kicks, Share Exclusive Track “Observer Effect”

The upcoming DJ-Kicks from Disclosure promises to be clubby.
Disclosure DJ-Kicks Press Photo


Disclosure has been announced to mix the next edition of DJ-Kicks. To push the mix, the duo has released one of their exclusive songs today made for the mix titled “Observer Effect.” It is one of their two songs made for the mix and one of five exclusive tracks found on the DJ-Kicks mix.

According to Howard Lawrence, Guy made "Observer Effect" without him when Guy was been in the US for a period. “I hadn't seen him for ages, he’d been in America for a while and it just came into the inbox," explains Howard. "I happened to be with our managers at the time we got it and we were like: ‘Is Guy OK? What’s happened to Guy?’”

According to Disclosure, the mix will be similar to ENERGY in texture and feel. "It's sitting alongside ENERGY as a companion,” explains Guy Lawrence.

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The mix represents where they are now – “clubby.”

“Most of the mix is presenting what you can do with house,” says Guy. “And that's basically our career: trying to move house forward, whether it's with songwriting or using different genres or different languages. The mix should represent where we’re at now; and where we’re at now is clubby.”

They released a new EP last month Never Enough that followed a week of new singles, one after the other each day.

DJ-Kicks: Disclosure will be released on October 15 on !K7 Records. It can be pre-ordered here.


01. Pépe - Recollection
02. Harry Wolfman - LOTF (exclusive)
03. Cleanfield - Conflict With Clayton
04. Disclosure - Deep Sea (exclusive)
05. Simon Hinter - Wanna Make Love
06. &on&on - Don’t Say a Word
07. M-High - Harmony In The Distance
08. Slum Science - Mezmerized
09. Disclosure - Observer Effect (exclusive)
10. East End Dubs - bRave
11. Onipa - Fire (Edit)(exclusive)
12. Arfa x Joe - Recognise (exclusive)

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