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How It Was Made: David Lindmer's 'Altered State'

David Lindmer dives into the production secrets he used to sign his latest 'Altered States' EP with Nora En Pure's Purified Record.

David Lindmer's 'Altered State' EP dropped on Nora En Pure's Purified Records last month, and it's dark and brooding progressive house melodies and pounding techno percussions percussions have caught the attention of heavyweights from across the industry. 

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The 'Altered States' EP sees the Purified Signee honing in on a sound that is seen an incredible rise in popularity over the past five years. As such, competition to carve out a sound that is unique is tougher than ever.

David Lindmer's Music

Producing amazing progressive house and techno takes nuance, texture, and an acute attention to detail to make the track shine. 

And because these details often go unnoticed to the untrained ear, we decided it was time to have David on to have him do the next edition of How It Was Made.

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How To Make A Track Like David Lindmer

David Lindmer Moog sub 37
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Werkzeug von David Mayer

Now that you know a few things that go into a track that's well produced enough to get signed by Nora En Pure and supported by artists on big labels like Dynamic and Afterlife, you can now start applying what you've learned to your next track.

If you're still hungry for more melodic house and techno productions, we got you! 

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Until then, you can keep Up With More Updates From David: WebsiteSoundCloud Instagram 

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