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The Iron Oath: 5 Combat Tips for Beginners

Combat in the The Iron Oath is unforgiving, but you can take control of the turn-based tactics and strategies with these five combat tips.
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The Iron Oath is picking up a lot of traction on Steam and many players are jumping in for the first time. I think The Iron Oath is a great game for newer players who may not have tried this type of turn based gameplay mechanic. The Iron Oath is also great for beginners who have tried similar games like The Darkest Dungeon and are looking for other games in that mold. 

Even if you’re a veteran of this style of combat, but are wondering how The Iron Oath will be different, here are five quick tips to help get you through your first battles so  that you can deck out your mercenaries, find great loot, and destroy all the enemies and mobs in your path. 

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#5: Choose Starting Positions For Your Mercenaries.

The Iron Oath combat tips

The mercenaries square off against a squad of guards in The Iron Oath

Assuming you don’t get ambushed, you are given the opportunity to choose from a limited number of tiles on the battlefield to place each member of your squad of 4 mercenaries before the first turn takes place. 

You’re often outnumbered, so choosing a defensible position is important. Take advantage of choke points and cover from ranged attacks. 

#4: Read The Combat Environment. 

The battlefield is often riddled with dangerous traps and obstacles. 

Get familiar with what they look like and how to spot them so that you can either avoid them or use them on your enemies. Many of your companion’s unique abilities can help you. 

For example if an enemy is standing on cracked ice, use a pyrolancer’s fire attack to drop them through for extra damage.

#3: Think About Your Movement Strategically.

The Iron Oath combat tips

The fastest route is not always the smartest in The Iron Oath

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The Iron Oath allows for a lot of battlefield mobility. At the beginning of each companion's turn, you can see the tiles highlighted that they are able to move to. The tiles highlighted in a white outline convey the maximum distance they can move for that turn. 

The tiles highlighted in green are how far they can move without forfeiting their chance to use an attack or an ability for that turn. If a tile is highlighted in red it means there is an obstacle preventing movement to that tile.

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#2: Choose The Best Weapons and Attacks For The Job.

The Iron Oath combat tips

In each dungeon crawl or Overworld battle, you can choose up to 4 companions from your company to join you. It’s a good idea to choose the right team for the situation you find yourself in. 

Each class excels in different situations. 

The Iron Oath makes both magical and mechanical ranged combat quite effective, but like most strategy games, your ranged classes cant take too much of a beating if the fighting gets in too close, so you’ll wanna bring along a class more suited to front line combat to back them up

If things get dicey, here are 15 tracks that will keep your adrenaline going. 

#1: Sometimes Combat Is A Marathon, Sometimes Combat in the Iron Oath Is A Sprint.

While in the Overworld, you’ll often find yourself in a single fight. Maybe some bandits ambush you and you need to take care of them before continuing on your merry way. In these fights I like to bring out my heavy hitters and sometimes won’t even bring a healer along with me. 

Each companion has a basic attack and then special abilities. Special abilities only have a certain number of charges before they can’t be used until the companion rests. 

In Overworld fights, you can be more liberal with these abilities and really punish each poor fool who thought you’d be an easy payday. However, when entering a multi-chambered dungeon with a boss battle at the end, you want to approach the situation quite differently. 

Bring a squad full of varied classes that can meet more “utilitarian” needs and be more conservative with their powerful abilities. You never know what the next chamber brings. 

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