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Spotlight: UMEK To Drop World’s First “Live Gig NFT” Alongside Three Unique “Lanicor” Remixes

Techno legend UMEK to test how non-fungible tokens would work for event booking.
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Umek Viberate NFT

World-renowned techno DJ and producer UMEK is the latest music artist to announce an NFT drop. His will be unique, as he is the first to offer a live performance NFT. The drop will be verified by Viberate, a blockchain-based music research and analytics platform.

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Starting on April 29 and running for 24 hours, UMEK’s offer on the Blockparty marketplace will include five different NFTs: three exclusive remixes of his 1999 hit track “Lanicor,” one livestream performance, and one live gig. Simply put, the buyers of UMEK’s NFT will either purchase the rights to one of his original remixes, book him for an exclusive online event, or book him for a real-life live performance.

“I love seeing how NFTs are becoming a way of managing your art,” UMEK tells us. “It’s pretty much what I’ve been waiting for in regard to my ‘Lanicor’ project. It’s the track that skyrocketed my career, so I wanted to approach it with the respect it deserves. In the upcoming drop, I’m releasing three exclusive remixes, and once they’re sold, I’m permanently deleting the files, making the NFTs a true collectible that cannot be reproduced. Add to that the conceptual live gig NFT, and we’ll soon see how the industry and the fans respond to the whole ‘tokenization’ business. Personally, I think the future looks bright.”

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Several music artists, such as Clarian, Grimes, MF DOOM, Madeon and Kings of Leon, have already made waves selling their NFTs, either as albums, VIP tickets, digital art or other concepts. UMEK’s upcoming drop is the first to explore new possibilities for music artists to secure their bookings once live events return, no matter whether they’re backed by major labels or working independently.

Should the concept gain traction, Viberate plans on implementing the feature on their platform, allowing hundreds of thousands of artists in their database to mint their own gig NFTs and securely verify their artist IDs. These ID NFTs will then act as a certificate of authenticity, reassuring the buyer that the contents indeed come from a verified artist, not someone offering other people’s work.

UMEK’s NFT drop will launch on Blockparty on Thursday, April 29, 2021, at 8:00 pm GMT+1 (3:00 pm EST).

Umek Viberate NFT


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